Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Manbreak or womanbreak?

I can't help but talk about my children. It seems God uses them to speak to me so much. Yesterday morning as I lay in my bed...realizing that it was nearing 8 am and it was Monday...I was thrilled! My kids had a teacher-in-service day. And although I usually don't understand the reason for these days, I am grateful that I do not have to get up and start the daily grind. Well, I do eventually have to get up...but not at my usual 6am. Ok, most of the time it is 6:30. Anyway...Ryan (my 5 year old) came running into my bedroom at about 8:15 am and jumped on the bed and crawled under the covers and laid down next to me. He loves to do this. So we cuddled for a few minutes and he said, "Mommy, do they have man breaks?" "What?!" I asked ,very confused. "You know, Mommy. Do they have man breaks or woman breaks?" "Ryan, what are you talking about?" He was beginning to get frustrated with my lack of understanding. "MOMMY...like me and sissy have a kid break from school, do they have man breaks and woman breaks?" I got it. He wanted to know if his daddy and mommy ever got a break. "Well, I said, today Mommy's getting a little break (Yeah, right!) by not having to take you to school. And Daddy gets a break on the weekend...and some holidays." "Oh..." He said. "Why do you ask?" I responded. "'Cause you and daddy need a break, too. You need to rest." What a genius of a little boy! At five, he recognizes the importance of breaks...of resting. Albeit, we could rest a lot more if he did not wake us up at 7 am on Saturday mornings!

"And on the seventh day, having finished His task, God rested from all His work." Genesis 2:2

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened heavily, and I will give you REST." Matthew 11:28

"Sabbath: uncluttered time and space to distance ourselves from the frenzy of our own activities so that we can see what God has been doing; is doing....The precedent to quit doing and simply be is divine. " Eugene Peterson

So...take a man break or a woman break...You need it and it is divine.


  1. Amen! I think Ryan said it just right. I need to take a woman break today! Good stuff. :O)

  2. Ahh - found you ;)
    Love that post and yes we as mommy's
    need to take more breaks
    I am just now allowing myself to do that without
    feeling guilty :)
    Love ya